Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

So, you’ve started noticing a few more hairs on your pillow in the morning. Your hairbrush is looking more clogged each time you use it. Does this sound familiar? Then you may be seeing the first signs of hair loss.  This can be quite a traumatic experience. Some hair loss is perfectly normal for both […]

Top 10 Hair Growth Products in the UK

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There are many types of hair loss – from male age-related pattern baldness to female menopausal thinning – requiring a range of different treatments and therapies. Luckily there are also many products and procedures available in the UK that are designed to slow hair loss, or even reverse it, and maintain healthy, bountiful locks.  In […]

Do Hair Growth Tablets Work?

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While most hair loss treatments are topical – for example, liquids, foams, shampoos and creams – there are some hair loss treatments licensed for use in the UK in tablet form.  But how do they work, and are they effective in reducing hair loss in men? Let’s take a look at the two treatments licensed […]


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Hair loss, in men and women, can have a myriad of causes. From stress to genetics, medical conditions to adverse pharmaceutical reactions, hair loss affects over 80 percent of men and nearly 50 percent of women during their lifetime.  It can be distressing for anyone when they start losing their hair. But thankfully, there are […]

How Much Do PRP Injections Cost?

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If you’re experiencing hair loss in the UK, you are likely to have heard about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections as an effective treatment. Platelet-rich plasma is used in many different medical settings, yet is particularly useful in treating age-related hair loss. If you are losing your hair and looking for an effective treatment, platelet-rich plasma […]

Can You Get PRP Injections on the NHS?

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If you’re looking for a way to reverse hair loss and male pattern baldness, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are a safe and effective option for hair loss, which have shown positive results in recent studies. Whether you are a man or a woman, losing your hair can be upsetting, but there are treatments available to […]

Does Finasteride Help With Hair Loss?

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The short answer is yes, definitely, but Finasteride only works for the duration of the treatment, so it requires a long-term commitment. Do your research and speak to a doctor before trying Finasteride, and make sure you take it as directed. Finasteride is a very safe option for hair loss, with proven benefits, and is […]

Does Minoxidil Shampoo Work?

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Minoxidil shampoo – does it work? Minoxidil is a hair-loss treatment available in a variety of forms – from pills to serums, and foams to creams – both over the counter and on prescription. It has proven results in treating both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, and has been an effective go-to treatment […]

What is PRP?

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PRP is non-invasive and its use and benefits are vast in regenerative medicine that it is no surprise that its gained such popularity in recent years. This novel wound healing mechanism has been thought to be revolutionary. But what is it exactly? How does it work? What is PRP? PRP is a treatment which uses […]