Absolute Collagen – Thickening Collagen Complex Shampoo


  • CREATED BY EXPERTS – The UK’s first ever collagen complex formula shampoo! Developed with leading UK hair experts and scientists to tackle fine, thin hair right from the root!
  • GROUNDBREAKING COLLAGEN TECHNOLOGY – The Absolute Collagen thickening shampoo uses a unique collagen complex formula to tackle thin, flat hair and fight signs of hair ageing. It contains soluble collagen which wraps the hair cuticle in a protective layer to deeply cleanse it, also providing shine and gloss. Collagen amino acids penetrate the cortex of the hair to add volume and thickness from within.
  • TRIED AND TESTED – Our shampoo has been clinically proven to boost hair thickness by up to 20% in just 8 weeks when also used in conjunction with our thickening conditioner. But the benefits go so much further than that – our trial participants found that after 12 weeks they could see a noticeably obvious difference in their hair from reduced shedding, to improved scalp balance and less breakage.
  • GOOD, CLEAN HAIRCARE – Our shampoo is cruelty free, paraben free, and 97% natural! Get amazing results with good, clean ingredients which won’t weigh down or clog your hair with heavy product.
  • HOW TO USE – A little goes a long way: use just a 10p coin sized amount of our thickening shampoo as part of your daily hair washing routine. For best results, follow up with our thickening conditioner and a daily dose of our collagen supplement.